Leather laser engraved and laser cut tags
Laser engraved and laser cut plastic free badges
Laser engraved magnets that are laser cut out
Badges Plastic Free in Bulk
Laser engraved and laser cut badges and clocks
Laser engraved art work

Laser cutting and laser engraving, signage, medals, keyrings, art and more...What type of creations are you looking for?

Recycled wood, card, laser ply, timber, acrylic, fabric, leather, stone, slate are some of the materials we work with.

Wooden Engraved Signage

Bespoke laser engraved wooden signage

Indoor and outdoor signage to the clients specifications in wood, acrylic, drift wood or simply repairing old signage is all available with our laser cutting and laser engraving service.

Laser Creative Process...

Plastic free gifts, signage, magnets, medals, keyrings, artwork and more...

Gower Laser Creations will endeavour to work personally with you, the client, to create bulk orders or a bespoke, requested product.

I work with the HPC 80w laserscript mean machine, with a bed size of 1200 x 900. Mostly I work with birch laser ply from a local supplier, or recycled materials.  I can engrave and cut laser ply, wood, acrylic, fabric, card, leather and engrave enamel, slate, stone and wood of various thickness. 

I purchase or find all the materials myself, or you can supply your own. I work through the entire process myself; logo design (if requested), laserscript design, washing burn residue, sanding, painting, glueing, packaging and delivery... along with the media. Pricing encompasses all of this process.

Please take a peek at my instagram gallery to get a better taste of the creative possibilities.


About the little laser cutting local

Adventurous Creativity 

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My name is Leila and I have a wonderful workshop hidden away by the beach where I grew up, which allows me to get creative with my laser engraver. Adventurous by nature, surfing, wandering and climbing are my passions. This crosses over into my work, where I enjoy experimenting with a myriad of materials, wood, shell, stone, leather and acrylic.

This is a tiny local start up business that I balance with motherhood.  Most of my time is spent appreciating wilderness and nature, which is why being kind to the environment is paramount. I use drift wood, recycled materials, salvaged paint from paint disposal units and minimise the use of plastic, additionally I reuse any offcuts and waste materials. Always I strive to become more ethical and less impactful on the environment.


Get in Touch

I am happy to receive all inquiries, but there is only me, so please be patient, I normally respond within 24 hours.

Please read the 'what type of creations' section. Please understand there is a set up fee of £30 for all orders. Due to high demand, I am only able to take orders over £300 for after October 2021. These are bespoke items and are take some time to create.

In your message add as much information as possible, try to include as much of the below as you can:

(Logos/ image file can be emailed separately after the inquiry)

  • What it is (medal, keyring, etc)?

  • Do you have a design/logo?

  • Material 

  • Rough dimensions / size (mm)

  • Colour (if any)/finish

  • Attachment point/holes etc

  • Quantity

  • Deadline

  • Delivery or collection in person

Thanks for submitting!

Sandylane, Pennard, Gower, Swansea, SA32EW


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All feedback is appreciated and be assured it shall be listened to, it is the only way to make my little venture better.